Whiskey & Wine Date Nights at Charles Beckendorf Gallery – April 6-8

You and your Valentine are invited to a special evening at the Beckendorf Gallery, 105 North Adams, on any or all of the upcoming Whiskey and Wine Date Nights from 4-7 pm. Each will include appetizers, Becker Vineyards Wine and Bourbon Whiskey tasting by Garrison Brothers and Rebecca Creek. Fredericksburg retailers showing unique gifts for your special Valentine will include Rustlin’ Rob’s, Clear River Pecan, Java Ranch, Dutchman’s Market, LM Easterling, Creations in Jewelry and Wildseed Farms. RSVP appreciated by phone, (830) 997-5955, or online.

The 43 year-old gallery is inviting guests who are locals and those that are visiting. “If this is enjoyable for all, we hope to build on this and partner with more of our neighbors to bring the surrounding cities into Fredericksburg for more art, culture and awareness”, said Joe Beckendorf.

About the Gallery: On April 1, 1971, Charles and Dawn opened their first gallery. From the very first black and white prints created in 1964 through April of 1996 when Charles passed away, he painted thousands of originals in all mediums, produced over 1,500 different prints, sculpted several bronzes and produced six books.Today the gallery is family owned and run and remains a place where collectors all over the world can see the inspiring works of Charles Beckendorf.

For more information regarding the Date Night please contact Erik Darmstetter, (210) 823-3744

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