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Kerrville is a beautiful 22-mile drive from Fredericksburg, TX and the Gastehaus Schmidt office. . Settled in 1856 Kerrville is the County Seat of Kerr County. It is known for it’s more than two-dozen boys’ and girls’ camps, dude ranches and religious encampments. Its terrain is rugged cedar and live oak-covered hills, picturesque green valleys and beautiful Guadalupe River. Whitetail deer are numerous. Activities in Kerrville include city parks, tennis center, public and private golf courses, horseback riding, camping, bicycling, shopping and more.

Among the events of Kerrville, the most popular is The Kerrville Music Festival, every spring – there is also the Folk Festival, Bike Tours, Runs, a Cowboy Camp Meeting, Various Cook-Offs, Senior Games, Fairs, Shows and Concerts. Attractions include the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram, Hill Country Museum, Kerr Arts and Cultural Center, the National Center for American Western Art and the Riverside Nature Center.

Another attraction to the Kerrville area is the James Avery Jewelry factory and store. James Avery jewelry has become well know for it’s Christian design and quality workmanship.


Comfort is approximately 50 minutes northwest of San Antonio and is call by the locals of Comfort the “Star of the Texas Hill Country. The town was founded in 1854 by German pioneers who came upon this site with clear flowing water nestled in the picturesque valley, where Cypress Creek joins the Guadalupe River, and were reminded of the Old Country. It is an unincorporated rural community nestled in the charming and comfortable valley where Cypress Creek joins the Guadalupe River.

Besides the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country, Comfort has a large number of antique dealers, gift shops, restaurants, and a general store in what may be the best oldest business district in continuous use in Texas. Rich in history Comfort boasts nearly one hundred pre – 1910 buildings within walking distance of the town center, and this is why a large part of Comfort has been designated a National Historic District.

Comfort is a popular tourist area with numerous camps along the Guadalupe River operated by various civic organizations. Visitors enjoy fishing, swimming and camping during summer months. Hunting is popular during the fall and winter. Comfort also throws several well attended events each year including their annual Independence Day Celebration and their popular Christmas Parade in December.

Hunt & Ingram

Hunt is located at the junction of the north and south forks of the Guadalupe River, was named for the friend of the founder; Alvie Joy in 1912. Alvie Joy built the first post office for Hunt residents who were mostly farmers and shingle makers. Dating from the 1920s private camps were built along the banks of the river and still thrive every season.