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Walk in Guests

When you have your house clean and ready for walk in guests (those who do not have advance reservations, they “walk-in” to our office looking for a place to stay), please call our office to let us know. One of our reservationists will mark your house clean in our RDP computer system and also mark your house’s photos on our board. This is very important, because we direct walk in guests to look at our picture boards to decide where they’d like to stay. Each day we tag our picture boards to make it easy to identify those home which are clean.

Walk-in’s are a good percentage of our total reservations. If your ready for them, let us know! You are also welcome to e-mail us info@gastehaus.com.

As a note: if you have guests checking out (or if you have marked our house off for any reason)*, your house is automatically marked dirty in our computer, it will not be marked clean until you call us.

  • if you mark your house off for any reason, even spring cleaning, the computer will automatically mark your house dirty.

Planning to be Out of Town?

We all need a break and traveling is a wonderful opportunity to see where Fredericksburg stacks up for travel destinations.

  • Please let our office know of your plans.
  • Either mark off your house or find a reliable person to fill in for you and let us know who they are and how to reach them.
  • Ask yourself “is this person able to handle emergency situations or problems?”
  • Make sure your fill-in knows who to contact for air-conditioning/heating, plumbing, or electrical problems, and even pest control if you are planning an extended vacation.

Prevent Complaints

Complaints are a part of the business. You can be proactive and head off potential complaints!

  • Clean! Clean! Clean!We can’t stress it enough…. at the very minimum, a guest should have a clean place to stay.
  • Bug Patrol!Ants, spiders, and roaches are NOT a part of country charm! Schedule regular pest control.
  • Comfortable beds!Mattresses should be comfortable, no exceptions!
  • Treat your guest as you would want to be treatedKindness goes a long way, especially if your are solving a problem. Be friendly and helpful when guests ask questions, they are looking for the “local scoop.”

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