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New Homeowner FAQ

We are so glad that you’ve chosen Gästehaus Schmidt Reservation Service to discuss representing your property.  We pride ourselves in representing the finest homes in Fredericksburg, Mason,Kerrville, Ingram, Hunt and Comfort.  As this is a booming business in our area, we have devised a list of frequently asked questions.

What are guests looking for?

Above all, clean, well maintained accommodations.  Interesting décor and unique amenities are often sought after (e.g. large whirlpool tub, fireplace, creek, fishing pond, etc.).

Who cleans and prepares accommodations?

That’s up to you.  This is often the most difficult aspect to iron out.  If you will be an “absentee owner” there are management services or individuals to handle housekeeping/managing.  This person/service needs to be very responsible, decisive and able to handle emergency problems 24 hours a day.

What About Breakfast?

This is up to the individual homeowner.  We recommend offering a generous, quality breakfast, either full or continental.  Quality is the key.

How much is the Gästehaus Schmidt percentage?

We retain 21% of the nightly lodging  charge.  This may be slightly higher for properties under $85./night


Are there any other fees?

We charge a one-time sign up fee of $150 and an annual fee of $60 per property or suite.

How many nights can I expect my property to be booked?

Generally speaking, 5-10 nights a month can be expected.  The more your accommodation is clean and ready for walk-ins, the more opportunity we will have to book it.  Price, amenities, location, and flexibility are key factors.  The ability to take one-night reservations, children, pets, etc. makes your property appealing to a wider variety of guests.

Do I have to have a license to run a B & B or Guest House?

At this time, no.  But you must have an approval letter from the Fire Marshall, confirming that your property is safe for guests.  We require a $1 million commercial liability insurance policy; this can be obtained by local insurance companies.  If you plan to offer breakfast, Gästehaus Schmidt suggests taking a food handling course, which is offered locally.

Can I make my own reservations?

Gästehaus Schmidt requires an exclusive contract.  This is essential because we take many reservations and there is a strong possibility of double booking if both our service and the homeowners are making reservations.  Our guests also have access to the reservation system through our web site.  They can make reservations directly on our system 24 hours a day.


How do I know what to charge a night?

It’s up to you, but you may want to compare your property with a similar one in our service.  Keep in mind, guests expect to feel that they’ve gotten their money’s worth.  As a part of your consultation, Gästehaus Schmidt may run a market analysis to see where your property fits in.

How do I protect my valuables?

Generally speaking, theft is not a problem.  Damages are a possibility, but not common.  We suggest that you not use any irreplaceable items.

Do I need to advertise?

Gästehaus Schmidt advertises extensively, but you are welcome to advertise on your own.   We ask that any advertising you do, you list our phone number as a contact.

A Gästehaus Schmidt representative will visit your property to ensure that we are able to successfully represent you to the best of our ability.


What services does Gästehaus Schmidt Provide?


  • Secure reservations
  • Create a write-up for your home known as an information sheet.
  • Photograph your home for display in our office.
  • Provide confirmation and information sheet to guests.
  • Catalog with complete listing of homes
  • Contact hosts/managers for reservations/cancellations/changes
  • Collect lodging payments (credit cards/checks/cash)
  • Welcome guests to Fredericksburg with friendly staff
  • Offer visitor information/directions
  • Maintain web site for advertising/information purposes
  • On-line reservations offered to our guests
  • Homeowner has access to their home’s reservations through our web site.
  • Advertise via paid promotionals, donations to non-profit organizations, internet, travel writers, travel publications, etc.
  • Forward guest comments to homeowners
  • Collect and pay hotel/motel taxes
  • Send a monthly paycheck to homeowners with newsletter
  • Supply homeowner with the total earned  annually.


If you have more questions or need an “on-site” consultation, please make an appointment with Donna Mittel.  There is a $75 fee for up to one house consultation and a $25 per extra hour.   When you list your home with Gästehaus Schmidt this fee will be deducted from your membership.