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Hill Country Bungalow

Location: Fredericksburg
Area: Fredericksburg Country Homes
Property Type: Single Family
Bedrooms: 7, Bathrooms: 4.0
Occupancy: 22

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This country home is perched on the side of a little hill overlooking a wooded seasonal creek as it meanders through the property.   The fifty-foot porch has a view of the creek from the Adirondacks chairs.  This Fachwerk home was originally built in Seguin and moved to this location. Additions to the original home are made in limestone and plaster construction.  The Bungalow setting looks as though a German pioneer had carefully placed the home.  
From the porch you enter the living room-dining room where you will find  the fireplace in the Fachwerk wall with large windows at the second floor level -- to let in the morning sun.  The hearth of the fireplace is one large carved limestone rock.  Original beams cross the ceiling of this large room and along with the primitive antique furnishings give the feeling of days long past.  
There are two bedrooms downstairs each have a queen bed and each is spacious and light   The two (downstairs) baths have sinks set in antique furniture to make the most unique of cabinets with towel racks and the shower for two in the master bath is truly a special design.  Upstairs are two bedrooms ideal for children.  The ceilings are pitched and one bedroom looks down over the living room and the fireplace.  A double bed is in one bedroom and the other has two twin beds.  The kitchen has a modern stovetop/oven and cabinets built have weathered wood with leather hinges and screen panels.  Large antique baskets and other antique kitchen items attract your attention before you notice the modern stove, refrigerator.
More than 8 people?  Behind the Main House is a Bunkhouse which has 6 twin beds, two silos each sleeping 4 persons with a queen and double bed.  Hill Country Bungalow sleeps up to 22 people.  There is also a swimming pool built to look like an old stock tank, and a game room with ping pong table.  Guests also enjoy the llamas on the property.  
The Hill Country Bungalow is located on 40 acres outside Grapetown.  (Grapetown is one of the old German settlements of this area).  Guests are welcome to roam the property.  It's ten miles from Comfort and Fredericksburg and six miles from Luckenbach.

LOCATION - 11 miles from Fredericksburg
HOST - Home to yourselves - No host on sight
SLEEPS - Up to 22 persons      Main House—Two downstairs bedrooms; each has queen bed, Two upstairs bedrooms - one has double bed other has two twin beds (In the summer upstairs tends to  be very warm); Bunkhouse—6 twin beds; Silo 1 & 2—queen & double
BATH - Main House—2 baths downstairs-each has shower large enough for two; Bunkhouse—1 bath; Silo 1 & 2—full bath
BREAKFAST - Coffee & teas left, guests may want to bring their own drinking water
KITCHEN - Furnished kitchen with minimal cooking utensils, microwave
AMENITIES - Ceiling fans, CH/A, fireplace & wood, 50’ porch, grill, phone, swimming pool, game room, llamas
PETS - NO                  
CHILDREN - NO             
SMOKERS-Outside only   
Main House—$395.00*/1 to 8 persons/night
Bunkhouse—1 bath—6 twins—$175.00*/1 to 6  persons
Silo 1 with full bath Queen/full—$175.00*/1 to 4 persons
Silo 2 with full bath Queen/full—$175.00*/1 to 4 persons
All four houses $920.00*/1-22 persons/night
*plus 6% Tax
Four houses cannot be rented separately—must be rented to one group.  Each rental includes the Main House.  Before arrival—we must know how many people and which properties you want to have access to and least 48 hours before your arrival.  Grape Creek is also on property and can be rented separately.  

This property is desgined for over night guests only. We ask that you refrain from having parties, weddings, receptions, bachelorette parties or any other event that will bring extras guests to Hill Country Bungalow. If the manager determines that such an event has taken place am minimum of $500 will be charged to your credit card.

Due to a few unkind guests, the home owner finds it necessary to make a list of “requests”. The following list is derived from actual actions of guests. Just like warning signs on products, they are put on there because someone has actually done what they are warning you about. So here goes……
  • If you move furniture off of the back porch and do not put it back, there will be a $100 charge on your credit card.
  • If you move furniture around in the house and do not put it back where it was, there will be a $100 charge on your credit card.
  • If you leave anything in the pool i.e. floaties, beer bottles, beer cans, glow in the dark sticks, cups, rocks, toys of any kind, sunglasses, sunscreen,  etc. there will be a $100 charge on your credit card. The reason for this is, the items get clogged in the skimmer which burns up the pump.
  • If you do anything to harm any animal on the property you will be charged the veterinarian bill and will be banned from ever returning. Do not attempt to pet or feed the llamas. They will spit and kick at you. They are for looking at only.
  • If you smoke outside, please do not throw your butts on the ground. Either throw them in the trash or put them in the round metal buckets that are provided outside.
  • If you drink beer, please do not throw your beer tabs or bottle caps on the ground.
Thank you for your cooperation! Have a great stay! 

  • No Breakfast
  • Pool
  • Phone In Room
  • Full Kitchen
  • Non Smoking
  • Fireplace In Room
  • Policies:Check In: 3:00 PM
    Check Out: 11:00 AM
    2 night

    Property Address:
    28 Kallenberg-Klinksiek Road

    Fredericksburg, TX 78624