Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye, TexasFredericksburg Chamber of Commerce Directors, Ambassadors and Staff raised a glass of Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Dan Garrison in a Toast to the Hill Country this past Saturday. Dan led us on a tour, explaining the entire Distillery process…”From corn to cork…it’s home-grown and handcrafted from the finest ingredients. Plump, organic yellow corn from the Texas Panhandle. Premium organic winter wheat that we grow ourselves here at the ranch and two-row barley from the Pacific Northwest and Canada. We grind our grain fresh daily and we cook our own sweet mash – one batch at a time. Then we marry the fruity distillate with fresh Hill Country rainwater that we harvest and purify ourselves.”

Garrison Brothers Distillery is now offering their “Sit and Sip Tour”, Wednesday through Sunday, 10am or 2pm, for only $10.00 per person. Located in Hye, 1.7 miles out on Hye Albert Road, off of 290 East and RR 1623. For more information, please visit

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