Remember When…

  1. you could understand the words in a song?
  2. you could slow dance?
  3. music before the Beatles?
  4. sock hops, malt shops and poodle skirts?

It has been a long, hot summer with the drought, the heat and the slow economy.  So come back in time when life was simple and fun!


Attend an old-fashioned sock hop with all of the classic songs from the 50’s and early 60’s.


Bring your kids and grandkids to Fredericksburg Social Turn Verein (Turner Hall) at
103 W. Travis Street Saturday from 7-11pm, and show them how grandma and grandpa rocked and


$35/couple…$20/person…children under 12 FREE…no credit cards accepted.


Beer and; set-ups available, BYOB.

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