Artisans at Rocky Hill, 234 West Main Street, will host an exhibition “Partners in Pastel” from January 4 to February 19. Kathleen Cook and Margaret Fletcher love the beauty and versatility of the vibrant pastel medium. The purest form of color pigment, pastel is applied in layers which gives a rich luminous quality to the art.

Kathleen Cook has been working in pastel for 35 years and creates paintings filled with light and color, focusing on sensitive paintings of people and unusual still life and landscape arrangements. Kathleen is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and has been profiled in American Artist, Southwest Art and Pastel International magazines. Her studio is in Ingram, TX.

Margaret Fletcher has been involved with art her entire life, even while pursuing a career as a Registered Nurse. Margaret discovered pastels about 6 years ago and was so excited to learn more that she gave up her excellent golf game to fully concentrate on painting. Margaret enjoys nature and this love is reflected in her art. Vibrant sunsets reflected in water, animals and birds and the faces of little children are all part of her artistic expression. Margaret lives in Fredericksburg, TX.

Kathleen and Margaret have shared a close friendship since meeting in one of Kathleen’s classes. They paint together regularly and encourage the best in each other.

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