A couple of weeks ago, I was working till 8 pm on Friday.  At 6:30 pm, the phone rang, and a very angry person said, “I thought you were open until 8 o’clock.”

“We are,” I said.

“Well, I’m standing at your front door and it’s locked!”

Puzzled, I looked at our front door.  No one was there.  “You’re at 231 East Main,” I said. “We’re at 231 WEST Main Street.”

The customer sighed angrily and said we should be more clear about our location.

Fair enough.  Since the City won’t put “East” and “West” on the street signs, here’s a map showing you our location:
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We are between Old German Bakery and Fredericksburg Winery.  “Gästehaus Schmidt” is written on the door.

Domain Design is at 231 East Main, near Fredericksburg Brewing Company.  With your back to the door of Domain Design, we are four blocks to your left, on the same side of the street. We are in the first block west of the Court House and Marktplatz.

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