After several months of work, we have launched our new website.  We hope you like all the hard work that has been done.

The new site has room for larger pictures, and is easier for us to change than the old one.  We’ve also added a blog where you can keep up with the things going on in at Gästehaus Schmidt.

Please let us know what you think, or make a suggestion by posting a comment.

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  1. Don Morran
    Don Morran says:

    Formerly, I could go directly to our favorite property, Hickory and Oaks, by using my bookmarked URL
    However, now that URL just takes me to your home page. Then, I have to click ACCOMODATIONS, then RURAL, then scroll down to Hickory and Oaks. Now, your homepage URL never leaves the address bar, so I can’t go directly to Hickory and Oaks anymore.
    When someone inquires about the guest house we visit twice a year, I could go to my bookmarks, pull up the site immediately, and show him/her the photographs. Now, I must go through a series of clicks to get there.
    Please try to restore this direct access feature on your new site.
    Also, I prefer to reserve the property well in advance. For example, my wife and I made reservations about two months ago for the upcoming New Year’s weekend. Now, when I go to the reservation page showing the calendar, I get an error message, and the calendar will not advance more than the current month plus the next three. Currently, therefore, I cannot see past December 31, 2010. Note that the individual month calendar WILL advance — the one that comes up when you select the desired reservation date — but the four-month calendar on the right side of the screen will not.
    Overall, I like the appearance of the new presentation; however, navigating the old one was quicker.
    I’d also like to compliment the staff at G. S. We’ve been using your services for about five years, perhaps longer, and there has NEVER been a problem — in person, by telephone, or via email.
    Further, compliments are in order for Jody Halm and Liz Stagner at Hickory and Oaks. Our repeated visits to their property are due in part to their tremendous hospitality. We were unacquainted with Jody prior to our first visit years ago (and prior to his stroke), but have grown to love the hosts, and now it is a privilege to call them our friends.

  2. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    The new URL for Hickory and Oaks is You will have to update your bookmark, unfortunately.

    You can change the calendars on the reservation page. On the left, enter the date you are interested in. Click the “Check Availability” button, and the page should quickly reload. Click the calendar link and the four months beginning with the date you chose will display. We will see if we can get it to show more than four months.

    And, yes, Liz and Jody are very nice people. We love ’em, too.

    Let us know if you have any problems.

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