You’re probably already aware that Fredericksburg, Texas and the surrounding Texas Hill Country is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes anywhere in the world. What you might not know, is that some truly amazing driving roads reside here as well. Continue reading to discover 3 of our favorites.

Route #1- Ranch Road 965



Link to map

Estimated travel time- 31 minutes

Route length- 25.5 miles

A route that anyone who is interested in hiking or climbing in Fredericksburg has undoubtedly traveled at one point or another, this well-maintained road is 25 miles of intoxicating turns that any driving enthusiast will absolutely love. For those that are interested in scenery, you won’t be disappointed either, as large hills and picturesque valleys frame a route bordered by wildflowers of the most vibrant colors.


A few of our properties near this route:

Austin Street Retreat

Your Hiding Place

The Grove

The Stone Well Haus

Breeh Haus


Attractions along this route:

Cross Mountain Park

Enchanted Rock State Park

Pioneer Museum


Route #2 (Willow City Loop)



Link to map

Estimated travel time- 54 minutes

Route length- 29 miles

A beautiful drive that is world-renowned for its wildflowers, Willow City Loop is a must for anyone spending a day in Fredericksburg, especially during the spring and summer months. Drive at a relaxed pace and just take in the wildlife, vegetation, and sights.


A few of our properties near this route:

Happy Trails Log Cabin

Double Deer Ranch

Diamond Belle at Palo Alto Crossing

Palo Alto Creek Farm


Attractions along this route:


Rockbox Theater

Rustlin’ Rob’s Texas Gourmet Foods


Suggested Route (Ranch Road 965 and Willow City Loop- combined)



Link to map

Estimated travel time- 1 hour and 29 minutes

Route length- 58.6 miles

We suggest that you do both the Ranch Road 965 and Willow City Loop driving routes one after the other, as the beginning and ends of each route are very close by each other.


Route #3 (Alamo Springs)



Link to map

Estimated travel time- 24 minutes

Route length- 13.9 miles

Bats, scenic roads, and wonderful food. What do these words all have in common? Our Alamo Springs driving route! After turning off of Highway 290, you will find yourself on Old San Antonio Road, a winding ribbon of tarmac that will have you traveling through expansive valleys one minute and hugging the natural stone walls of majestic hills the next. After this thrilling drive, you will arrive at Alamo Road. Once here, you can watch the bats at Old Tunnel State Park leave their abode in search of that evening’s meal and then proceed a short distance further down the road to Alamo Springs Café for your own evening’s sustenance.


A few of our properties near this route:

Deer Ridge

Inspiration Hill

Alamo Springs- The Country Cabin

Alamo Springs- The Barn

Meusebach Creek Farm

Oma Ella’s

Hill Country Bungalow


Attractions near this route:

Old Tunnel State Park

Fort Martin Scott

National Museum of the Pacific War


Note #1– To get the full experience, we suggest that you travel these routes during the spring and summer months, as this is when the native wildflowers will be blooming.

Note #2– Always follow all applicable laws, especially speed limits, when traveling along these routes. In addition, these routes are meant to be enjoyable for everyone, so please be respectful of other motorists, bicyclist, walkers, hikers, etc. On top of this, while the scenery is quite enticing, please do not climb over fences or venture onto private property. Finally, these routes do cut through the countryside, so please be vigilant of the wildlife that might attempt to cross in front of your vehicle, especially at night.

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