This year’s authors include John Domalgalski, author of Sunk in Kula Gulf: The Final Voyage of the USS Helena and the Incredible Story of Her Survivors in World War II , Gregory Fletcher, author of Intrepid Aviators: The American Flyers Who Sank Japan’s Greatest Battleship and Dan king, author of The Last Zero Fighter: Firsthand Accounts from WWII Japanese Naval Pilots.  Join these authors to discuss their work and ask questions in an intimate setting.  In the Nimitz Ballroom at the National Museum of the Pacific War.

2 to 4 pm.  Free, but standard admission applies if touring the museum.

National Museum of the Pacific WarOn Saturday, April 6th at 1:30 pm in the historic ballroom of the Admiral Nimitz Museum, the author of For Crew and Country: The Inspirational True Story of Bravery and Sacrifice Aboard the USS Samuel B. Roberts, John Wukovits along with veterans who served onboard the USS Samuel B. Roberts, DE-413 will be present to talk about his book and the experiences of the veterans that were part of the crew.

For Crew and Country tells of the most dramatic naval battle of the Pacific War and the incredible sacrifice of the USS Samuel B. Roberts, DE-413. At 1:30 pm author John Wukovits will talk about what inspired him to write this story and the input he has had from the crew and their family members. Following John Wukovits guest will hear first from those who were at the Surigao Straits, and their courageous David and Goliath battle with the Japanese fleet.

The program will end with a Q & A session with those in attendance. For Crew and Country books will be available for purchase at the program with an opportunity to have them autographed by the author and those who lived the story.

This program is open and free to the public. If you have any questions about the program or book please contact Helen McDonald at 830-997-8600 ext.206 or by email at

The National Museum of the Pacific War is a Texas Historical Commission property supported, operated, and managed by the Admiral Nimitz Foundation.

Braiding strands of earthen insight with uproarious storytelling, Texas Hill Country legendary author Becky Patterson recreates the history of the Stieler Hill Ranch in the twenty-four anecdotal chapters of her latest book, The Ranch That Was Us, interspersed with her original artwork.  Patterson, the daughter of Texas folk hero and self-proclaimed mayor of Luckenbach, Hondo Crouch and the indomitable Schatzie Crouch, has big shoes to fill, and she does so successfully in this colorful collection of Hill Country and Texas ranch vignettes.  Becky, the granddaughter of Adolf Stieler, “goat king of Texas”, grew up in the Texas Hill Country on the Stieler Ranch.

The ranch foreman and general cowboy Raymond Kuhlmann tells stories of the Goat King and German Drinking songs, the buzzard traps, and Mexican corridos that filled the nighttime pastures.  First-person accounts and vivid historical narratives evoke the ranch’s past overlaid with Patterson’s breathless personal histories of afternoon rescues of wildlife.

This is a book that will connect you to whatever patch of earth you hold dear.  It is a poignant reminder of the landscapes we’ve forgotten to keep close and of the land that does not belong to us but simply is who we are.  The Ranch That Was Us is an affectionate reminder to go outside and touch the earth that is you as written by Willie Nelson, a personal friend of the family, in his foreword to the book.  Readers will identify their memories of shearing time, ranching, taming land and livestock with the memories of Schatzie Crouch and other family members.

In 1960 Schatzie was president of the Gillespie County Historical Society and was honored in 2002 with the prestigious Texas Star Award from the state of Texas and the Gillespie County Historical Society in appreciation for her labors, outstanding achievements, and contributions to preserving Texas historical culture.  The organization welcomes you to attend Becky Crouch Patterson’s book signing on Saturday, November 10, 2012 from 2:00 – 4:00 P. M. at the Vereins Kirche in the center of Marktplatz.  The book is available for purchase at the Pioneer Museum at 325 W. Main as well as at the Vereins Kirche in the center of Marktplatz.

Becky Crouch Patterson is the author of the Texas best seller, Hondo: My Father, a memoir of life with her folk-hero father, Hondo Crouch, who was a rancher, storyteller, humorist, and self-proclaimed mayor of Luckenbach, Texas.  A textile artist for more than forty years, Patterson has sewn appliquéd tapestries for many business and individuals.  She is also a liturgical artist and designer and has created stained glass windows and furnishing for churches throughout Texas.  She is the owner, with her sons Kit and Sky Patterson, of Stieler Hill Ranch, near Comfort, Texas where Sky is an artist and Kit continues the family’s 135 years of ranching.  Patterson helps out with the activities of the ranch, including the Texican Single Action Shooting Society, the hunters, art workshops, and her husband Oscar Barrales’s horse training business.

Appealing at once to devoted philatelists, Texas and U.S. history buffs, and amateur collectors of all kinds, The Great Texas Stamp Collection offers a unique vantage point from which to view our history as well as the very nature of collecting.  Charles W. Deaton , sponsored by Gillespie County Historical Society will be at the Vereins Kirche on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 10:00 A. M to sign his new book, The Great Texas Stamp Collection.  Books will be available for purchase.  The book reveals how some stubborn Texas Confederate Postmasters, a handful of determined Texas Stamp Collectors, and a few of the world’s greatest philatelists (stamp collectors) created, discovered, and preserved some of the world’s most valuable postage stamps.

Among the many difficulties the newly formed Confederate States of America endured in the summer of 1861 was the failure of its post office department to provide sufficient numbers of that item most crucial to its service: the postage stamp. Faced with the resulting din of customer complaints, a handful of industrious Texas postmasters solved the problem by simply making their own homemade stamps.

In this thoroughly researched history of these rare and highly coveted stamps, The Great Texas Stamp Collection traces their journey from creation through their rediscovery years later by local, and then international, stamp collectors–a journey that culminated in the sale of a few pieces at a recent auction in New York that fetched more than $250,000. Weaving the larger contexts of Texas and U.S. postal history together with individual tales of greed, intrigue, forgery, and discovery, Deaton’s book is rich with characters from European royalty to early stamp dealers to common criminals, while also providing detailed examinations of the stamps themselves, including a complete census of the stamps now known as the Texas Confederate Postmasters’ Provisionals.

A recipient of the Phillip H. Ward, Jr., Award for Excellence in Philatelic Literature and the Distinguished Philatelic Texan Award from the Texas Philatelic Association, Charles W. Deaton is a professional philatelist and the founder and first president of the Texas Postal History Society. Among his many works on the subject are Texas Postal History Handbook, A Philatelic Guide to the 1936 Texas Centennial Celebration, and Fifty Years of Texas Philately.  Mr. Deaton is a resident of Fredericksburg from September to May and lives in Massachusetts the remainder of each year.