When you stay at Gilbriar Guesthouse, you can get a cooking lesson from the owner, Paula Deen Stone!

Get to know your host and fellow guests at Gilbriar Bed and Breakfast as you learn to cook up some fun in the main kitchen. We will start with wine, dinner and dessert on Friday evening. After a quick and easy breakfast on Saturday morning, you are free to enjoy our delightful little town and try one of our many wonderful eateries for lunch. But be back in time to learn to cook dinner with your new friends. The menu will vary with the seasons so that fresh local produce may be used. Emphasis will be placed on organic fruits, vegetables, eggs and grains cooked in a tasty and healthy manner. Dinners may feature fish or cheese as the protein. Meals may include an unusual ingredient that you are not familiar with but everything will be easily obtainable, so that all dishes can be duplicated at home.

1. Please advise of all food allergies at east one week ahead of reservation.
2. We provide one glass of wine per person at each dinner but feel free to BYOB if you want more.
3. Any person not cooking may join the day’s meals for $45

Friday or Saturday dinner = 1 day. $65/person

Typical Dinner menu may include:
Lemon baked fish,
Cheesy quinoa casserole
Cajun rice and beans
Poached salmon
Shrimp gumbo
Eggplant Parmesan
Chipotle sweet potatoes

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