209 North Acorn is an awe-inspiring property. This house is located in a residential neighborhood just a few short blocks to the main drag.  I love how when I first got to this property how I felt like I just stepped into a picture. The grass is so green and fresh, the paint color is so light and airy, and the place is as if it is straight out of a Home Decorator’s Magazine

The house is so crisp and fresh I can just imagine why the homeowner uses it as her vacation home. I think my favorite part of all is the gorgeous wood floors that really makes this home feel so warm. I am not going to lie either, I love houses with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. My dream kitchen is somewhat similar to what this house has to offer. Although this house is a two story house, it is only intended for two adults. The upstairs is for the use of the owners only when they come to town, which I can completely understand why they love it here so much especially when they too want to get away from it all.

Everything in this house is perfectly placed and that is what makes it so special. It is not elegance out of a museum, but a sophistication you don’t really see at many other places. I think for those who have their dream homes in mind, this really will suit you. With all the modern conveniences, such as a flat screen television, bright colors, and a gorgeous gourmet kitchen, you really feel at ease here. After seeing this spotless place, I certainly am not ready to go home to my messy home.

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