With the holidays over I decided to take a drive about 10 miles west of town to view another one of our homes known as “Ravenwood Cottage”.  I could only imagine what this place was going to look like because my mom always says “pictures only tell half of the story.” Although I called the homeowner with only a moments notice, she still managed to make a welcoming so warm that I almost pulled out my credit card and book it for myself.

As I stood there on the front porch I could just fancy myself waking up first thing in the morning and drinking my cup of coffee on the front porch. You see nothing but beautiful trails in front of you and the deer just standing in front of the porch relaxed with you. After about 10 minutes of admiring the front porch I realized I hadn’t even made it past the porch, and I had to get inside the house.

As I lean in to turn the door handle I smell the aroma of lavender. As the door swung open my shoulders just fell, my heart felt full and my eyes started watering. I am not one to cry over a house, but this house automatically made me melt. Maybe it was the beautiful soothing music, or just the shock of what I started to feel as I closed the door behind me. I don’t honestly know what actually came over me at that moment, but it was something wonderful. It was as if the house literally was saying to me “Leave your worries at the door and I will take it from here”. 

One can honestly not envision the beauty of this place through pictures, let alone what you see with your own eyes. To really see the true beauty of this little cottage you have to feel its warmth and the feeling that comes over you. I have been hearing from customers and a few coworkers how amazing this house is, but trust me not even the slightest bit of imagery can be painted for this special place.

I remember the first customer I booked Ravenwood for and the story she shared with me. She told me how her and her husband had to get away because they had just been through a horrific event.She happened to be one of the first customers to stay there too. She was so hesitant to book this property because it didn’t have all the amenities she wanted, but she eventually caved and booked. She came in on check out day and all I can remember was her saying to  me “Thank you, it was more than perfect.” I knew at that moment this had to be a special place and of course as I have seen today, it really is truly more than perfect. 

In today’s world everyone is looking for the high end perfect amenities for their getaway such as a Jacuzzi tub, a hot tub, a king size bed, or even something with a fireplace, but this house does not need it. It has so much character that adding something like that may actually take away from the experience.

This homeowner put so much into this house that I really don’t want to ruin all the amazing surprises she offers. I think that is what amazed me so much more about this property because it is a rare gem. With the warmest hospitality, seclusion, and great overall feeling you get, I don’t think you can find a home like this anywhere else.

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