In_the_Museum_Paul_Garber_6_GALLFamilies seeking to spend quality time together this Spring Break are invited to participate in Family Fun Day at the National Museum of the Pacific War on Friday, March 15 2013. The event will take place at 10:30 in the Historic Ballroom of the Nimitz Museum. Children will enjoy a brief history lesson on kites in World War II.

Kites were an important tool used to train anti-aircraft gunners. Training kites were decorated with enemy aircraft silhouettes. When flown, the kite’s edges disappeared against the sky and gunners practiced shooting enemy aircraft.

The kids will have the opportunity to make kites that can be taken home and flown. This fun activity is recommended for children ages 6-10, however younger children may attend. A parent must be in attendance with their child for this program.

Cost for the event is $5.00 per child. Payment may be made at the event by cash or check. Younger siblings who attend but do not make kites are admitted free of charge. Because supplies are limited, pre-registration is suggested. Call 830-997-8600 ext 223 to RSVP.

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