I have always dreamt of a house out in the country with lots of beautiful views and a wrap around porch.  I also dream that the house has more than one bathroom so that I do not have to share the bathroom with my two boys. After driving about 9 miles north of town I found a house that just about fits my dreams. The only down side is that it is not for sale. It is actually one of newer guesthouses that we added about two months ago.

Enchanted Porch is a large home that truly fits the feel and look of “country chic”. I think the best part of the property would have to be the wrap around porch. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love the whole property and all it had to offer, but the wrap around porch was hands down the most charming. Once you walk into the house I felt like I walked into my very own home. It was so homey and warm in the house that I felt an instant desire to just sit and unwind. I admit that going and looking at all of these houses I have felt some kind of warmth or joy, but this property made me feel at home.

Enchanted Porch really exceeded my expectations as far as what it had to offer. From the upstairs bedroom you can see straight from the bed out the window. The views from the window look straight out into the hill country. Every corner of the house is decorated with a western or country style theme. You can have you pets there, your children, or just a get away for a group of old friends from high school reuniting. The best part is they have an entire closet filled with games for everyone. The kitchen was not as big as the rest of the house, however the cabinets were fully stocked with a plethora of kitchen necessities. There is even a washer and dryer in the house too. Every room in the house is meant to make you feel at your very own place.

     I am so glad we are finally starting to get more properties towards the direction of Enchanted Rock. This house was a grand place, but I just wish I had more time to view what else it had to offer. I guess we will have to leave that as a surprise for any future travelers to find. 

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