Sometimes all we need is a small little home to allow us to unwind and M’s Little House, located about 5 miles from town, is just that. The home sits on the same property as the homeowner, however the house sits directly in front of the owner’s home and that way it feels as if you are the only one out there when sitting on the front porch.

When we first took the house into the service I never thought the house was very big just judging by the pictures. After viewing the property I have been proven wrong because this house is actually a pretty nice sized guesthouse. There is a large bedroom when you first walk in where the owner has very tastefully decorated the room. I loved the wood bar that goes across one far wall. It has carvings that are perched on it that look just like birds. There is an amazing table for two that has a woven basket as the tabletop. As you walk in you realize there is another room off of the bedroom that is a nice and spacious kitchen area. It is not a full kitchen, but it is large enough to plan out your day at the kitchen table and enjoy a nice light breakfast and drinking your coffee. The bathroom was a lot larger than I had imagined too. It has a tub and a separate shower. There is a beautiful full length mirror in there as well that the owner has made look like a window.

This guest house is so precious and a real treat. I think that it is definitely worth seeing. The owner has put a lot of time and thought into M’s Little House. To sum it up, privacy, great country views, and very clean is what you get at this great little guesthouse.

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