Zero 815 Winery

11157 W US Hwy 290
Hye, TX 78635
(830) 644-2000
Open daily 10 am to 6 pm.


Founded and owned by husband and wife team, Karl and Laura Hogsett, Zero 815 Winery is the culmination of their lifelong passions. The name “Zero 815” is inspired by Karl and Laura’s wedding anniversary, August 8, 2015.

Karl is a professional Chef and spent time in Germany touring the vineyards and winemaking facilities. It was there on the Rhine that his passion for winemaking was ignited. He is a member of the World Master Chefs Society and has cooked all over Europe. Karl has won many cooking competitions in the U.S. and in Europe. He has started and owned over six restaurants in his time as a chef.

Laura sold wine when she was young but did not catch the wine bug until she toured the country while living in Wyoming. Her travels included Washington State, Oregon, California’s Napa valley, Colorado, and even South Dakota and Wyoming. Knowing the quality of wines that the premier regions in the US produce and having spent time in the not-so-premier regions and, what they produce, she has experienced both sides of the fence for many years.

Karl and Laura decided to open a winery together, with Laura’s love for wine and biochemistry background and Karl’s culinary experience, love of food and wine. They’re excited to share the passion, love of wine and experience with you and at your table.